Starting a charity business when you are under 18 in 2020

Hello, we are a group of six friends that has decided to give back to the community by spreading important messages about environmental issues, Black Lives Matter and human rights, among other things. We hope to raise awareness on these current issues one step at a time. That is what the Round Table Collective is all about: spreading awareness and hope in these uncertain times.  

You would be surprised how much difference a group of  young people can make in this world of social media, websites, blogs etc.  That is another reason we started the Round Table Collective, so that maybe, just maybe, we can inspire someone else to just go for it! But enough of the mushy stuff. Let’s talk about how we are going about this.

When we first got the idea for RTC, the first thing that came to mind was social media. So what did we do? We set up an Instagram account. (@round_table_collective) Then came an equally important question: What about a logo? Thankfully, we have some amazing artists in RTC who made our lovely logo (kudos to our Head Designer). Our art and design talents will come in handy for making inspirational t-shirts for raising funds for causes that are important to us.  We came across Teespring and are planning to use that. Teespring is an online store where you can design your own merch and they sell it for you. We are still trying to figure out how to do this whole thing. But we know one thing: we want to donate to our favorite charities and organizations. Really truly, it is harder than it seems and is still a fun project in progress. I will make sure to update you all on our trials, tribulations, successes and failures. Subscribe to keep up-to-date on the newest blog posts and make sure to follow us on Instagram.

— E.

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